Facebook Lead Generation Mastermind Series


Week 1 Mastermind Video Replay


Week 2 Mastermind Video Replay

 Link:  Good Tips On Facebook Ads For Business



Week 3 Mastermind Video Replay


Week 4 Mastermind Video Replay


Trulia Visual Rent vs Own Calculator: http://www.trulia.com/vis/rentvsbuy-winter-2014/

SpareFoot Rent vs Own Infographic: http://www.sparefoot.com/storage-tips/rent-vs-own-infographic/


Infographic:   Rent vs. Buy Infographic

Lead Magnet: 4 Tips To Help You Decide If You Should Buy A Home

Week 5 Mastermind Video Replay

Custom Audiences, Content Page Post Ads, Facebook Stats Export


Week 6 Mastermind Video Replay

Custom Ad Campaigns, SMARTblog Landing Pages, Lead Capture Forms
First Time Home Buyer Lead Magnet

buying-your-home-2014 bookcover  Buying A Home In 2014 e-Book (Basic Complete Version)

Buying A Home e-Book (Powerpoint to edit)

Buying A Home Cover Image

Full Zip File (includes Mac Keynote / Powerpoint / e-book / image)

Week 7 Mastermind Video Replay

Ad Campaign Updates, Split Testing, Localized Images

Blogging 101 Lead Magnet Blogging101-med Blogging 101 e-Book (Basic Complete Version)   Blogging 101 Facebook Ad Image        


Week 8 Mastermind Video Replay

Ad Campaign Updates, Split Testing, Localized Images